New Members

Dear Member,


Welcome to CWU membership with the North East Branch.  I have enclosed for you some useful documents to have a look through.


Please make a note of our contact details above in case you need to ask for advice, representation or have an enquiry about any other aspect of union membership.




The North East Branch policy regarding new membership is as follows:

The member must have paid at least 3 months membership and still be current. Only then will personal representation at any Hearing or Meeting be given. This also applies to members who join with existing issues or grievances. Otherwise we can only give you advice via telephone or you can call into a Branch Office.


You will start to receive the CWU quarterly magazine, The Voice, through the post as well as any updates from the branch.


I would also encourage you to visit for updates on the wider CWU movement and other campaigns we are involved in.


Please remember to always advise the office of:


  1. a) Change of name and or address
  2. b) Change of work place
  3. c) Change of hours
  4. d) Maternity leave/long term sick etc
  5. e) Change to death benefit nominee


It is your responsibility to:


  1. a) Check all details are correct.
  2. b) Cancel direct debits
  3. c) Contact your bank/building society to amend any subscriptions


Your subscriptions are determined by your contracted hours and will be confirmed to you in a letter from CWU Headquarters with your membership card. Please check details are correct as no refunds are given for over payment of subscriptions.


If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact either myself directly, or another officer of the branch.


Yours faithfully,


Viv Heys

Branch Chair

North East Branch

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