LTB 390/19 – TUC Pride Campaign – CWU Support

LTB 390/19 – TUC Pride Campaign – CWU Support

No. 390/2019

26th June 2019



Dear Colleagues,

TUC Pride Campaign – CWU Support

Last year, the TUC and affiliates ran a joint campaign to encourage more young LGBT+ people to join a union. A number of unions have asked the TUC to put together and help coordinate a similar “Pride Campaign” for the movement drawing on the TUC’s “LGBT Sexual Harassment Report” which can be found at:

As it is 50 years since the Stonewall riots, which was clearly a political response to oppression – the theme is ‘Pride is Political.’ It is intended to allow you and your members to explain why pride is political.

There are updated assets for 2019, which point out why Pride is, and must, stay political. The assets all start with ‘Pride is Political because:’ and pull out the following statistics and quotes.

In total there are 7 covering the following:

  • “When I was sexually assaulted, my supervisor thought it was hilarious and told everyone at work. They made fun of me for weeks.”    26 to 33 year old bisexual man
  • “I was told I should be out if I didn’t want to talk about the details of my sex life.” 46 to 55 year old lesbian woman
  • 7 out of 10 LGBT people have experienced sexual harassment at work
  • 1 in 8 LGBT women have been seriously sexually assaulted or raped at work
  • 1 in 6 LGBT people said that sexual harassment at work had a negative effect on their mental health
  • 66% of LGBT people don’t report sexual harassment at work
  • 25% of LGBT people won’t report sexual harassment at work because they don’t want to out themselves.

These can be used in conjunction with the 6 ‘Life is Better” when you’re in a Union’ images, which can all be downloaded, along with the campaign materials by clicking on the ‘TUC Pride assets’ link:

Also included are a couple of suggested tweets and links to make supporting the campaign easy.

The TUC’s micro-site has been updated to reflect this year’s theme, please see:

Please tag any social media activity with #TUCPride #PrideisPolitical so the success of the campaign can be tracked.

We would encourage all Branches to join in this campaign to keep “Pride Political” and to show how much work still needs to be carried out to address workplace inequality.

We have been extremely pleased and grateful to Branches who have been present at Pride Events up and down the country recently.

To continue to underpin and promote CWU Equality relating to LGBT + work, we hope that as many Branches as possible can support future Pride events over the summer by continuing to attend and promote.

Any queries on this LTB should be directed to Fevzi Hussein or Lee Wakeman in the first instance.

Yours sincerely,


Trish Lavelle

Head of Equality, Training and Development


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