BT Facilities Services Ltd


The lead officer for BTPFS is Sally Bridge, Tracey Fussey, Chair/NEC member, and Dave Tee, TFSE.

The PA is Linda Massey who can be contacted on 0208 971 7311 or email



Tracey Fussey

The CWU BTPFS National Team is comprised of the following:

Tony Faulkner


John Houghton

Jim (James) Thompson

BTPFS is a wholly owned subsidiary of BT and  supplies facilities management services to the BT Estate.  BT’s vast and complex property portfolio stretches across the whole of the British isles with some 7500 sites.

In 2012, BT purchased the FM business from the joint venture partners and created BT Facility Services (BTFS) so that they could self-deliver services within BT.

BTPFS is made up of housekeeping, engineers and FM professionals.