Disability Advice

The Disability Advisory Committee was formed to advise the CWU’s National Executive Council (NEC) on issues relating to disability in or out of the workplace.


The Committee meets three times per year and discusses a wide range of issues. The term of office for these positions is for a 2 year period commencing from 1st January 2012. The number of members to be elected is now 7 Postal constituency members and 6 TFS constituencfy members.


The committee sets it’s priorities for the year and then splits into working parties in order to follow up these priorities.


As far as the Disability Advisory Committee’s role in promoting equality goes, we are committed to furthering the needs of our members who have disabilities and special needs.


In particular:


  • We aim to break down the barriers in society and in employment that prevent people playing a full part and getting equal shares of opportunities and benefits.
  • We aim to promote disability awareness in the CWU and in the industries where we have members.
  • We aim to build a network of activists who will promote equality issues in the CWU and at work. The network will help and encourage others who wish to become active or need support.





Disability Hate Crimes


Have you been a victim of a Disability Hate Crime? The Police currently have powers to get involved in matter where hate crimes cover race or LGBT issues but it seems to be a different story for disabled people. The Equality & Human Rights Commission are running a data gathering exercise and are asking for victims to come forward. If you want to find out more please click here.


Or for more information you can contact the Equality Department in CWU HQ.



Please click here to be taken to a page of Useful Links with regards to the DDA.


For more information read Disability Rights and the Equality Act 2010