Legal Services

UnionLine News Apr 2018

CWU Legal Helpline

This is a free service for CWU members, provided by UnionLine, the union owned law firm.

Lines are staffed by experienced professionals here to answer your legal queries.

Typical issues UnionLine can help with include:UNIONLINE - your trade union law firm - Contact Us on: 0300 333 0303

  • Benefits
  • Consumer Disputes
  • Criminal
  • Family
  • Holiday Problems
  • Insurance
  • Medical Negligence
  • Neighbour Disputes
  • Care Home
  • Conveyancing
  • Divorce
  • Financial Issues
  • Immigration
  • Landlord and Tenant
  • Motoring Offences
  • Property Issues

The legal helpline is open 8am – 7pm Monday to Friday, 8am – 1pm on Saturday


As soon as you join the Communication Workers Union you become part of one of the best legal benefit schemes in the country. Your worries are removed when you use the free, high quality, legal advice and assistance offered by the CWU.

Damages / Personal Injury
If you are injured in an accident, in or out of work, we can take up the case if there is a claim against a third party. ring Unionline on 0800 8046674.

Criminal Injury
If you are the victim of an unprovoked assault then the union can assist with a claim to the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority.

Industrial Tribunals
If you have been unfairly dismissed or discriminated against unlawfully, your first source of Union assistance will be your Branch. If we are unable to resolve the matter through the internal disciplinary or grievance processes, you may have a right to take it to an Employment Tribunal. However, as this is a legal process, any request for Union representation would have to be referred to the Employment Law Department for consideration. Remember that there are strict time limits for all tribunal applications and and so such requests must be brought to your Branch Secretary immediately

Legal Help Hotline
You are entitled to free advice using our Legal Help Hotline – 0300 333 0303

Disability Benefit
If you become disabled following an accident at work you may be eligible for disability benefit. We can represent you if you wish to appeal against your assessment.

Drivers Protection Scheme
If you are charged with a road traffic offence whilst driving an official vehicle the Union will consider legal assistance where there is a clear defence to the charges.

CWU Road Assist
The Road Assist Scheme provides free legal cover for members and their immediate family who are involved in road traffic accidents whilst off duty. Any members wishing to use this service can call the Freephone number: 0800 542 9927 quoting “CWU Road Assist”.

Criminal Defence on Duty
If you are charged with a criminal offence at work, and you can’t get legal aid to cover all your costs, the Union may be able to help.

Bandit Attack
If you are robbed on duty carrying company cash, the Union’s Bandit Attack Insurance Scheme pays out a weekly sum for up to a total of 104 weeks of sick leave and a capital sum in the event of death.

Will Making / Conveyancing Service
A free will service and discounted conveyancing are available through our Legal Services Department. Tel. 0300 333 0303

It is most important that membership is maintained whilst cases are being processed, even if you have left your current employment, to be eligible for the union’s legal assistance.