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The amount of subs that goes to the Labour Party is as follows, this is a monthly contribution.

The plan 1 rate of £15.79 includes the political levy of 87p

Only 20p of it actually goes to the political party & the rest is used to fund in house campaigns, i.e. NHS & Pensions etc. You can stop paying to the Labour party or you can ask for it all to go to the fighting fund


The CWU’s political work

The CWU carries out political work on our members’ behalf in line with the policy decided by our Conference and set out by our elected officers and executives.

Our political work spans a number of different issues. Within our core industries, the decisions that affect our members in the workplace are not simply made by the employer, but are also made by governments and regulators.

So whether it is our People’s Post campaign, calling for investment in broadband or campaigning on the Post Office, we need to be active politically to defend our members’ interests at work.

More generally, as a trade union we provide a collective political voice to 190,000 working people on issues that are important to them. For instance, we want to see an end to the housing crisis and a new deal for workers to end low pay and insecure employment.

Alongside the work done by CWU Headquarters on all of these issues, we want to empower CWU members to have a political voice themselves, whether this is through political campaigning, by getting active in the union or the Labour Party, or by becoming an MP or a councillor.

For more information about getting politically active in all of these ways go to the links below or contact politics@cwu.org.

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28 January 2016

TU Bill unfair, and unjust – we’ll make it unworkable!

CWU members across the country are gearing up for action to show the Government that their anti-union laws are unfair, unjust and will be unworkable. #CWUandProud

Our union will be playing a major role in the forthcoming TUC Week of Action against the Trade Union Bill, which is set to be introduced into law later this year.

“The worst attack on workers since the Thatcher days,” is how the new law is being described by our general secretary Dave Ward, who is calling on regions and branches to “deliver the strongest possible protest” on our own Action Day February 11th.

Unions’ ability to act in defence of people’s rights at work will be severely hampered by even tighter restrictions on industrial action, and new rights for employers to hire agency strike-breakers even when the union has complied with the new restrictive procedures.

“The trade union movement can’t afford to be defeated by this unfair and unjust Bill,” insists Dave. “And if it becomes law, then we’ve got to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with other trade unions make it unworkable.”

Both of the CWU’s senior national industrial officers – Terry Pullinger (DGS Postal) and Andy Kerr (DGS Telecoms) are also urging members to actively support the TUC protests, and to organise within their own workplaces and localities to publicise the pro-union case, and also use the opportunity to recruit new members.

“This is Thatcher Mark II,” says Andy – “a fundamental attack on the working class and on democracy and it’s only a matter of time before a union will be outside the law.

“We’re not the biggest union, but we’re the best at campaigning and this campaign will unite the whole union and strengthen us.”

Terry says that there is a pressing need to “grow the density of the union movement” and points out that the Government’s attack is “aimed at us because we’re a fighting union.

“Unions organise and educate and they don’t like us because we scare the life out of them,” he explains and describes the new rights of employers to hire agency workers during bouts of industrial action as “a strike breakers charter.”

CWU headquarters is sending out key information on the new anti-union laws to all members, in a communication that can also be opened out into an Action Day poster, and other campaigning materials including Action Day leaflets are being sent out to all regions and branches.

“We’re asking every member of this union, every branch, every region, to do whatever they can to make sure our pro-union message is heard loud and clear,” urges Dave.

“They can pass their laws, but they’ll never defeat our movement. We’re still here and we’re still fighting and winning for workers – we’re CWU and we’re proud of it.”

Other Action Day activities will include recruitment drives – with local union reps pointing out all the benefits that union organisation has won for people at work.

“If we all work together as one union, we can deliver a strong protest,” urges Dave.

  • Action Day is February 11th
  • Follow #CWUandProud for more details
  • Tweet #CWUandProud with your campaign photos

Trade Union Bill ‘attack on ordinary people’, says CWU general secretary

CWU general secretary, Dave Ward, today attacked the Government’s attempt to rob people of their basic workplace rights, and called on it to scrap the Trade Union Bill.

Dave was speaking as the Bill was debated at its second reading in the House of Lords.

The Trade Bill Union Bill attempts to restrict union activities in a range of ways that undermine the basic rights of workers, said Dave. It is an attack on ordinary workers and their right to be represented by unions.

This Bill is little more than an attempt to end opposition to the government by clamping down on all of our rights to democratic protest and bankrupting the Labour Party.

Dave Ward, CWU general secretary

The Government is undermining the importance of collective bargaining at a time when days lost through industrial action are at their lowest, and managers acknowledge the benefit that union representation has on productivity, innovation and performance.

“It is also setting unions and employers on a collision course by imposing fixed time limits on disputes and removing the flexibility in the current law that provides time and space for negotiations to take place. What the government is doing risks making disputes more intense, more protracted and more difficult to resolve – and four months after the Bill was put before Parliament, the Government has still failed to publish its impact assessment. This is simply an ideological attack on trade unions.

“The truth is that this Bill is little more than an attempt to end opposition to the government by clamping down on all of our rights to democratic protest and bankrupting the Labour Party.”

CWU & The Trade Union Bill – An update

The CWU is campaigning against the undemocratic and unnecessary Trade Union Bill. We will be announcing a range of events and activities in the coming weeks where we will be calling for the support of our Branches and Members. On Monday, the Trade Union Bill will be debated in the House of Lords. Please take the time to read this information below and watch the video both of which have been produced by Unions Together.

The Tories want to be in power for a generation, and are fixing the system to make that happen. They’re making it harder to register to vote, and are redrawing the Parliamentary map in a way that benefits them.

But that’s not all. Hidden in the Trade Union Bill is a clause that is deliberately designed to cut off trade unions’ financial support for the Labour Party – while doing nothing to limit the hedge funds and millionaires that support the Tories. This will create an overwhelming funding imbalance in our political system overnight.

This Monday, the House of Lords will debate the Trade Union Bill when it gets its Second Reading. There’s lots of opposition to the Bill in the Lords, but we need to spread the word about what this Bill really means for our democracy. That’s why we’ve made this short video with Angela Smith, Labour Leader in the House of Lords, explaining what the Bill does, and why we need to oppose it.

Watch and share our video: http://action.unionstogether.org.uk/watch

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